Whimsical Wearable and Useable Art

Changing Something Ordinary into Something ExtraOrdinary

My creative journey began as a small child  when I was taught in my early years to sew. Continuing to teach myself and develop my creative skills,

I believe that there are some paths that become our life purpose.






I Recycled Upcycled preloved garments into Eco Friendly

Clothing, Bags and Accessories.


One of the key features on my designs is the appliqué art, that has been created using

the left over pieces of fabric from my clothing creations, so nothing goes to waste!


My inspirations come from the beautiful surrounding landscapes where I live in South

West Wales, the love that I have for folk art and folklore, whimsical themes and anything else that is a little bit different.


As I got older I used to ask myself why adults clothing couldn't be as playful as children's... So I decided to create these designs so that we can all express our playful, fun and quirky personalities no matter what age we are.


I make these designs in a playful and whimsical style... including an element of quirkinesswith a unique twist, which I feel gives each of my designs a personality of it's

own... whilst still ensuring that they are comfortable and practical to wear and use!


Handmade in Wales ~ UK.

Owned & Designed by The Topian Den Copyright © 2007

"Your work makes me smile.

Thank you for creating pieces that

lift ones spirits."

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