Handmade in Wales ~ UK.

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I first became inspired to customise and upcycle my own clothing during my teenage years, back in the 1980's... I found this to be a perfect way in which I could combine my love for creating and experimenting with my own personal self expression.


I was asked many times where I bought my clothes... but at this point in my life I didn't know that one day I would be creating a business and making clothes for others...!!


When I became a mum I proceeded to make clothing for my children and during my early adult life I found myself making dance costumes for the stage and theatre, only to move back into designing clothes again... which I have found to be my true passion.


Prior to the birth of creating The Topian Den I created a custom design website and had a online business called TuTu-Topia which specialised in designing and making Tutus, Bustles and Pettiskirts.


During these years I enjoyed many wonderful experiences, some of which I have listed here...


2008 - A tutu that I made appeared in Fae Magazine.


2009 - I designed tutus that were featured and on the front  cover of Fae Magazine called 'Abi in Faeryland'


Later in 2009 - I recieved contact from Vogue UK who asked me to create a

tutu which was to be worn by 'Lady Gaga' for her interview and feature in

their magazine. This was published  in the October 2009 issue of British Vogue.


2011 - 'Ed Byrne' performed on the BBC1 'Lets Dance for Comic Relief' to

'I like to Boogie' in which the dancers who accompaied him wore tutus skirts designed and made by me.


Later in 2011 - I was again contacted by the BBC, this time for a new series

of Dick and Dom's Diddy Movies who I made tutus for the episode called 'Hollywood High'


'Joel Dash' also approached me this same year to create a custom tutu which was worn by 'Kelly Rowland' for a photoshoot in Heat magazine

October issue 2011

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